Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky

Russia • 1906−1999

Folk hood. Of the RSFSR (1976), full member AH the USSR (1979). In 1923-27 he studied in Ginhuke (Leningrad) from K. Malevich. Lived and worked in Leningrad, then in Moscow. The Creator of the spatio-multidimensional expositions, based on a synthesis of the arts. GL. artist owls. pavilions at the World exhibitions in Brussels (1958) and Osaka (1970). He also worked as a theater. artist.

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. People's artist of the RSFSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts.

Artist of decorative art, painter, Illustrator.

He studied in the Studio of the House of education in Tomsk. Studied and worked under the guidance of Kazimir Malevich in Ginhuke (1923-1927). In 1929-1935 he wrote a decorative-generalized landscapes and compositions, poststreptococcal back to the work of Malevich; worked as Illustrator of children's books.

After moving to Moscow in 1936, devoted himself to decorative design work.

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