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Vladimirovna Lokotkova

Russia • Nizhniy Tagil • nació en 1986 • pintor, apreciador del arte
Artist in social media
Liliya Lokotkova.
From an early age, she was fond of art and graduated from art school.
Then, in 2003 I entered the artistic and graphic faculty of the Nizhniy Tagil State Social and Pedagogical Academy, where for 5 years she studied art, was engaged in painting, drawing and sculpture, took part in various competitions and international exhibitions. Then a year studied at the school of design Art Future, St. Petersburg.
After training, she worked in advertising design, then interior design.
Since 2021 I decided to devote myself entirely to creativity.
In my works I often use a monochromatic, restrained scale, I actively experiment with different genres, techniques, and materials, and I strive for new visual experiences.
In painting, I use a mixed technique using acrylic paints, texture paste, potassium and plaster
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