ATOMIC LEDA and other images of Gala in the works of Salvador Dali

Exposición 13 de octubre 2021 − 16 de enero 2022
The Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg and the Link of Times Cultural and Historical Foundation present the exhibition "ATOMIC LEDA and Other Images of Gala in the Works of Salvador Dali".

The exhibition will feature a unique selection of Dalí's paintings and drawings depicting his wife and muse, Gala. Most of these works were part of the artist's personal collection, who considered them so valuable and significant for his work that, at Dali's request, they were permanently exhibited in his Teatro Museo in Figueres.

Dali idolized Gala, and over the years he created his own mythology, in which she was the main character, a kind of Genius, showing him the way. The central work of the exhibition - "Atomic Leda" - was created by Dali in 1947-1949 and is rightly considered one of the most important, if not his most important creation. Another masterpiece in the exhibition is Galarina (1945), a half-length portrait of Gal, referring to the work of Raphael, a master who played a paramount role in Dali's creative universe. "Galarina" has not left the walls of the Teatro Museo de Figueres since Dali's death, and its display in Russia is a real sensation.

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