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Courageous Ambition and Youth - a contest of promising initiatives

Exposición 12 de abril − 28 de mayo

? In order to become a sought-after artist, it's a good idea to show your art to a wider audience and become our resident!

? The Masters team is now accepting applications for the "Bold Ambition and Youth" (SAM-CONCURSION ©) contest of promising initiatives.

? The idea of the competition is to find and include in the art industry promising initiatives from emerging artists from 18 to 35 years at the beginning of their careers, regardless of education and formed portfolio.

? Step-by-step instructions
galleries at Moscow Gostiny Dvor

The first stage contest - online registration in a few minutes, and putting you on the pre-selection list. Applications are accepted until May 28. The number of spots is limited.

After registering, you will receive an invitation link to the closed tg-channel of SAM-CONCURSE

The second stage - Tag a picture/art object with a photo and a short description and gallery tags on social media and then get feedback.

Stage Three - On invitation to come to the gallery for a preview of their art/project with the prospect of becoming a gallery resident and part of the art community.

At one of the creative evenings, "Investing in reality"We will announce the details of the upcoming exhibition of new names in the ART-KM gallery and reveal the preliminary list of participants in the SAM-competition of promising initiatives!

? A form for registering a candidate for the gallery:


Venuegostiny Dvor, Khrustalny Lane 1, Section 84 (on Varvarka Street), 300 meters from Red Square.

? Contest participants get an opportunity to:

? Exhibiting at one of Moscow's oldest venues

❤️ Participation in ART-CM Gallery Events

? Ability to present a brand/personality

? Opportunity to participate in other creative projects of ART-KM

❤️ Support and Promotion

? Access to our select public

? IMPORTANT: The number of seats is limited. Participation is for a fee. Deadline: May 28.

✅ If you have any questions, write to: ARTKM.MOSCOW@yandex.ru

☝️ ART-KM Gallery page and current exhibitions on the partner's website - living roomdvor.moscow

Galleries at the exhibition