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Earth. Rebirth

Exposición 6 de mayo − 4 de junio

The Anthropocentric Model of Human Development is not a viable model. But in the 21st century, a new model for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature has still not been found. Is it possible to establish this connection or is it necessary to create completely new scenarios?

Philosophers and futurologists consider different options: abandoning technology and returning to the basic settings of humanity, utopian incorporation of technology into the overall evolutionary process.

Which scenario is more realistic? Creators sometimes have the gift of prophecy and, as demiurgeons, create their own vision of the situation.

At the exhibition "Reborn," the artists present their concepts of a possible future.

The format of the work is painting, sculpture, AR (Augmented Reality Objects), installations, video art.

A complete list of participants is available at the fair site.

on May 25 at 18:00, Tamara Tanatarova, curator of the project, will give a tour he will also moderate the artist talk "Exploring the Living/Non-Living: Biomorphic Objects in Contemporary Art" with interdisciplinary artists Andrei Kuznetsov (creator of biomorphic objects) and Natalia Popova (creator of secondary plastics).

The exhibition is supported by the independent international club ASM-club and the agency NoDoubt