The massacre at Chios

Eugene Delacroix • Painting, 1824, 417×354 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Nude, Historical scene
Style of art: Romanticism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1824
Size: 417×354 cm
Artwork in selections: 53 selections
Exhibitions history
March 29 − July 23, 2018
Louvre Museum, building Rivoli, 99

Description of the artwork «The massacre at Chios»

This painting measuring four by three feet eugène Delacroix wrote six months, and then went and completely rewrote 15 days! The story is long, passionate and desperate, so all in order.

In the gray, colorless Paris, torn by wars and revolutions lacked bright colors and emotions. Delacroix went to visit a certain Monsieur Auguste, the artist, which swept through Greece, Egypt and Syria and brought back weapons, clothing, Smoking accessories, dishes and carpets and, of course, watercolors. It seemed that it was there, in the East, is concentrated all the passion and glitter of this world. And it so happened that at this time Hobbies East main event in the Paris Newspapers becomes a great Greece – Greece revolts against the domination of the Turks. Residents of the island of Chios in rebellion did not participate, but supported the rebels, for which he paid dearly. In 1822, it killed 25 thousand people, and another 45 thousand were sold into slavery. Someone managed to escape from the island, and the few survivors have converted to Islam.

After long tossing from biblical stories to the medieval Delacroix finds a topic that brings him to a frenzy. Unhappy Greece. It draws hundreds of sketches with the horses in the arena, he finds in the street swarthy slender girl and asks him to pose. It seems Eugene a Greek, who lost his parents. Still not defined, even vaguely pursues his Herculean task and a dream: to convey not only the story of the horror of the event, but the excitement from these events. Directly in the heart of the audience. And for this you need to invent a new pictorial language.

Getting ready for Interior painting Delacroix, critics were at a loss: "This is all very touching, there are a lot of feelings. But why, when I draw, I can't make? Why doesn't he finish his painting, so expressive?" Yes, because he found a way to convey their excitement. Or rather, almost found.

Two weeks before the exhibition opening the artists were allowed to look at the finished exposition and then in search of his own pictorial language, Delacroix finally settled. He saw landscapes of the British John Constable rather , I saw the pure, true colors and that washed soot and fashionable, proven "old" pavoloka the grass, the clouds, the leaves on the trees. Legend has it that Delacroix persuaded the judges to allow him to take his painting in the Studio and completely rewrote it in two weeks. Four three and a half meters.

The artist did a great job, but has caused a wave of indignation. Starting this year, and permanently frozen dark nickname "the artist of the morgue, plague and cholera".

Author: Anna Sidelnikova