Russia • Sankt-Peterburg and Leningrad Oblast • born in 1994 • artist
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Born in St. Petersburg May 13, 1994 in the family of artists. He studied at art school № 10, from 2004 to 2008. Graduated from the Art and Aesthetic Lyceum ¹ 190 in 2011. Graduated from the department of artistic metal processing Stieglitz Stieglitz State Art and Industry Academy in 2017. I am engaged in teaching, artistic metalwork, painting and drawing. My main area of work is landscape painting. I annually travel to joint plein airs with other artists. The participant of the Russian and international exhibitions since 2013. Works are in private collections in Russia, Spain and France.
The main themes that most attract me in my work are the infinite variety and incomprehensible unity of the surrounding world, the diversity of the beauty of the surrounding reality, the harmony between eternal and temporal, fleeting and permanent, sudden and gradual, ancient and new, large and small, striking and unnoticeable. Life in all its amazing manifestations makes me use a variety of means and methods to try to reflect it. In my work I try to reveal these themes in a variety of visual language. Plein airs and travels serve as generators of ideas for new works and projects. The task of my work is to show people the beauty and harmony that I was lucky enough to notice, and turn the audience's eyes to what is really beautiful. I strive to preserve the sharpness of perception of the world in my paintings and to be sincere in my work.
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