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Mountain Road (from the "Altai Notebook" series)

Mikhail Yevlakov • Collage, 2022, 110×125 cm

Description of the artwork «Mountain Road (from the "Altai Notebook" series)»

As you know, a trip to another region is always a change of habitat, a change of climate. It is an escape from the usual combinations of visible horizontals and verticals, it is a change in the everyday color scheme that you are used to observing in your native St. Petersburg. This is the reason why I love to travel so much.
For me, as a resident of St. Petersburg, the inhabitant of the northern plains, the trip to Altai was very unique and left an indelible impression.
Immediately after leaving the airport, I saw the triangular, bluish silhouettes of mountains and hills in the distance behind the road to the town of Gornoaltaisk. The majestic, mysterious outlines seemed to call to us. The area surprised us with a hitherto unseen variety of natural conditions, unusual combinations of completely different colors and shades, different textures and unusual rhythms. Villages and villages of old wooden buildings, cows, sheep and horses, fearlessly running across the unpaved highway right in front of the driver. But sometimes you travel by bus for a whole hour and don't see a single village. Lakes of Katun Nature Reserve, winding Katun and Multa rivers, steppes and foothills, larch forests with their narrow footpaths, waterfalls, streams, low clouds and cliffs, long hilly steppes, fields and pastures of Chuy tract - these landscapes are so diverse and unique that one can visit the same place many times and never stop wondering. You can see the photos from the Altai trip on my Instagram page .
All the same, I recognize my memories of visiting the Altai Mountains as one of the best memories of my life, because such trips allow me to look at the world from a different angle, namely to see the mysterious, incomprehensible to the end, the interesting and fascinating side of the world in which we live. When you look at something beautiful with a keen, amazed look, then all the usual problems become small and insignificant. Information negativity is more easily digested, and there is an understanding in the heart of what to do now.
In my applications I tried to depict not a portrait of a particular place, but my emotional sensations from what I saw, my memories of my trip to the Altai Mountains. May memories of something beautiful and pure visit each of us more often!