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"Night Mountains" (from the "Altai Notebook" series)

Mikhail Yevlakov • Collage, 2022, 110×125 cm

Description of the artwork «"Night Mountains" (from the "Altai Notebook" series)»

Dawns and sunsets delight the eye with their splendor virtually everywhere. In this block you can see the applications created by the memory of evening and pre-dawn walks near the lakes of Katun Nature Reserve in Altai in the summer of 2021.
Sometimes, overpowering yourself, you get up early in the morning, before sunrise, and are rewarded with an indescribable rapture from the beauty you see. The air temperature in the mountains is rarely variable: in July, it can be thirty degrees Celsius during the day, while at night it is only three degrees Celsius. The peaks of the mountains, peeking out from beneath the thickness of the fog that stretches over the lake and coastal forests. And suddenly the first rays of sunlight slip over the tops of the centuries-old blocks, and gradually the darkness dissipates. With the appearance of light, the fog remains over the surface of the land for a long time, but soon disappears, just as suddenly as it appears at sunset.
When you come to such a beautiful place as the Altai Mountains, you directly feel on your own skin how grandiose, great and powerful is God's creation. And it's beautiful! For me, a resident of a megalopolis, accustomed to comfort, it suddenly became clear for a moment how powerful the uncreated elements of nature are, and how small man is before them. At the same time, behind this external austerity hides an enormous, almost limitless kindness and love of the Creator for the Creation. But how do we, ordinary people, understand this? How do we see this goodness? Through direct contemplation of beauty. In the beauty of nature, in my opinion, lies the key to comprehending the higher mysteries of existence.
It is the search for mystery that makes our life full, not boring and rich in discoveries and adventures. What is especially surprising, because it is adventure, travel, and discovery that we remember the most in life! Let's, no matter what, continue to accumulate the positive experience of travel, adventure and creativity! After all, these are the moments that are remembered for a long time and warm the heart when it is difficult.