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Eroticism courtly and ironic in the graphics and paintings of Igor Schurov and Johann Petrovsky-Stern

Exhibition September 26 − October 26, 2018
InLviv Art Gallery opened the exhibition "Eroticism of the court and ironic in graphics and painting," Igor Schurov and Johann Petrovsky-Stern.

Igor Shchurov writes scenes from the courtly past, the era of decadence, the fashion of the XVII-XIX centuries. and antique plots. Uses pencil and mascara. "I draw what I want, and I want what I draw. Erotic attracts attention. We were born thanks to erotic," he says. Like a real maestro, he takes us into the plot of the scene with a sense of complete immersion in the atmosphere. From under his pencil and pen through the ink come to life the images of literary classics, and sometimes the images of a forgotten past are revived. In his works, despite the vivid imitation of the styles of the past, there is the author's characteristic-manner.

The painting by Johanen Petrovsky-Stern is based on the comparison of only three basic components - bright red paint, white and black. The erotic theme in Petrovsky-Stern is not ironic, but subtle satire. The artist does not fill his works with unnecessary details or decorations, he chooses minimalism as the surest way of expression.

"This is my only series of works that is on display in Eastern Europe. Everything else is in the USA," says American artist Johanen Petrovsky-Stern. "When I travel around Ukraine, Poland or Austria, I always have acrylic paints and brushes. the road. "

Each of the authors asks the question - where does erotica end, and begins pornography? The question is complex and open. And everyone finds their own way.