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Exhibition October 3 − December 21, 2018
Yayoi Kusama
London Gallery of Victoria Miro openedlarge exhibition New works of the cult Japanese Yayoi Kusama. New paintings (including works from the iconic series “My Eternal Soul”), painted bronze pumpkins and flower sculptures, as well as a large-scale installation “The Infinite Mirror Room” are presented in the halls and in the water garden.

Throughout her career, Yayoi Kusama has developed a unique and diverse style — very personal in nature. New works, which show that the 89-year-old artist is at the peak of her strength, are considering two themes - cosmic infinity and personal obsession. The images are replete with dots that have become synonymous with the artist, eyes, faces in profile, as well as less specific forms.

For the first time, viewers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the “Infinite Mirror Room (My Heart Dances in the Universe)” - a large hall with mirrors decorated with paper lanterns that are suspended from the ceiling and painted with the same famous Kusama peas.