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"Dutch notes"

Exhibition October 6 − November 6, 2016
It was here, in the Netherlands, in the territory of the Holey Land I began to attend speculative hypothesis about the possibility (or rather necessity) the existence of holes or of the channels leading through the center of the Earth, through which, at the time of important historical events, incidents, anecdotes pumped matter or energy to the opposite side of the planet. "Nothing on Earth passes without a trace," sang Soviet singers, and they were right. According to the law of conservation of energy as it should be. “The fact that the top - so Below"- I listened to the unpretentious folk wisdom and decided to check out life down under.

Reminiscing recently about joint with A. Sobolev draft the 1994 "Three greetings from Siam", in which we tried to analyze different types of methodologies to create collaborative works , I thought the opposite, regularly occurring in the Moscow conceptual circle (starting with Kabakov) projects where one artist performs on behalf of many or (for the classical scheme schizo-splitting) one author on behalf of two. Working with real geohistorical Antipodes having the exact Temporal and Spatial coordinates, I could not feel the ecstatic States of the people getting to certain historical peripetia on a planetary scale. Venturing into a project and finding more and more Antypolska stories of the Author gradually began to disintegrate at the beholder - operator (author), passionate about a particular state of uniqueness occurring, and research scientist, the spectator( standing behind the operator), looking for matches numeric codes, coordinates and dates. Metaposition is neither one of them , they stand on opposite sides of the axis, on opposite sides of the tennis courts. They pull the rope, standing at opposite poles, at the same time feeling the danger to take on the role of the conductor in the corridor tending to bad infinity, the corridor filled with dusty objects and their shadows...

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