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About the exhibition
Exhibition“Alberto Giacometti. Retrospective covers four decades of creativity of one of the most influential artists of the XX century. More than 200 sculptures, paintings and drawings make up the exhibition, offering a unique look at his work.

Giacometti was born in Switzerland in the family of artists. He was taught painting and sculpture by his father, the famous neo-impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti. In 1922, Alberto moved to Paris to continue his artistic studies, and four years later he founded what remained of his studio until the end of his life - a rented space of 23 square meters near Montparnasse. In this small narrow room, Giacometti created a very personal vision of the world.

The human figure is a fundamental theme in the work of this artist. He was inspired by others, especially his brother Diego, Annette's wife, friends and lovers. The artist said: "For me, sculpture, painting and drawing have always been a means of understanding my own vision of the outside world."

Giacometti's ideas on how to present a human figure should have been key issues of contemporary art for the next generations of artists.
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