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"Most remote"

Exhibition November 10 − December 4, 2016
From the author.

Expedition to the nonexistent space, reminiscent of those where you've never been, and of the city, resembling those which have already been.

Misunderstood impressions or memories that appear on the periphery of consciousness, a field side view of the strokes, lines, strange sensations. These entities are not visible, not shown, but always present. They are deprived of attention (love) so are invisible and may disappear forever, without being ever seen. To show them it is possible only by a conscious effort of attention and imagination.

They are different -
These visions are beautiful.
Can be a little strange
but there are very dangerous.
Destiny is hardened.
And there are just lovers.
But for some reason they want us to
The most remote

from songs Ship
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