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Body Architecture

Exhibition October 24 − November 26, 2018
In Novosibirsk, will open a personal exhibition of paintings by a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Ivan Ilyuschenko.
The exhibition "Body Architecture" will be held from October 24 to November 25 in the gallery "Private Collection" (Novosibirsk, Sovetskaya str., 26).
At the third personal exhibition, the artist will present works in the following areas - “Ancient sculptures”, “Fragments of architecture” and “Female body”.
Fans of contemporary art are well acquainted with the work of this unique artist from the Altai Territory - Ivan Ilyuschenko repeatedly became the winner in Russian and international art competitions.
Barnaul artist with architectural education is one of the few who works in the technique of airbrushing. All his paintings are painted on plywood. This non-standard material for painting attracts with its unique natural properties: unusual texture and its own woody “pattern”. For work, Ivan Ilyuschenko uses an airbrush that sprays paint, mixing it with air. This technique allows you to create amazingly realistic work by adjusting the flow of paint and air.
The artist is always at the junction of sciences, views, philosophical trends. In Ivan’s works, the viewer finds history in architectural forms, biology, Greek meanings of love in portraits, aesthetics of gastronomic delights, and a reflection of human experiences in images of ancient mythology.
Ivan Ilyuschenko, artist:
- “Wood is a living material and reacts to the environment, lighting, humidity and it is impossible to predict in what form such joint work with nature will appear. And in this sense, the viewer always meets here with a reminder that nature is not only the beginning of human history, but also our everyday reality, which we so seldom recall. Architectural objects, technical achievements, even my favorite food pushed the miraculous wonders of life into the background of visual perception. Therefore, from the very beginning, I intuitively turned my creativity on the display of entities on the “body of nature”.
Recall unusual paintings of Ivan Ilyuschenko can be seen until November 25.