Robert Indiana: Sculpture Retrospective

Exhibition October 25, 2018 − March 17, 2019
Tampa Museum of Art invites to the exhibition "Robert Indiana: a sculptural retrospective". This project was organized with the help of Art Gallery Albright-Knox, Buffalo, New York.

In addition to Indiana sculptures, the exhibition also includes numerous paintings, engravings and drawings, emphasizing how the artist's thinking, expressed in visual form, changed under the influence of different environments.

The exposition explores the more than fifty-year career of one of the most beloved artists of America - Robert Indiana (USA, 1928-2018). This typically American artist often returned to autobiographical motifs, symbols, and images in his work.

Although the legendary sign “Love” will probably always remain the greatest contribution of the artist to art, the exhibition also introduces visitors to the less well-known late works of Robert Indiana.

Based on the materials of the official site Tampa Museum of Art.