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The first personal exhibition of Dmitry Kustanovich in Yekaterinburg

Exhibition 8 − March 26, 2017
A landmark cultural event waiting for Ekaterinburg in the beginning of this spring. The first personal exhibition of the painter from St. Petersburg Dmitry Kustanovich will take place in the Ekaterinburg gallery of modern art from 8 to 26 March. The artist himself rarely appears in public, he prefers to work in the workshop. But our city, which is waking up after winter, Joe will make an exception and personally come to open the exhibition of works in a unique author's style of "spatial realism".

Spatial realism style of painting, developed by Dmitry Kustanovich. Due to the expressive means which manages the master portrayed in the framework of the realistic method, the space becomes dynamic, expressive, three-dimensional.

The emergence of a particular style in the visual arts is directly related to the context of the era. The emergence of spatial realism due to the rapid fragmented kaleidoscopic perception of images of contemporary man. Emotional paintings give the impression of improvisations. However, it is important to note that each new leaf is preceded by a leisurely close observation of the author with reality. In the universe Kustanovich is a place of tranquility and the dynamics of intimacy and solemnity. Each piece is intended to engage in a dialogue with the viewer and evoke a response in his soul.

From 1995 to 2017 years, the artist has held over 90 exhibitions, most of them personal. Works are in galleries and private collections in many countries.

In 2010 in St. Petersburg, opened a personal art gallery of Dmitry Kustanovich – "Gallery of Kustanovich".

In 2012, directed by Peter Soldatenkov, the author of the film about Vladimir Vysotsky, and many other well-known documentaries, has presented a new documentary film about Dmitry Kustanovich – "I love you".

In the exhibition, the artist will present in Ekaterinburg, there is a wide range of images and motifs. Basically, these are images of Saint-Petersburg, Russian nature and the Russian province and the sea, ships, flowers. It is, at the moment, the main topics of the painting of Dmitry Kustanovich.