Solo exhibition by Vasily Krotkov "Bronze Section"

Exhibition 1 − December 15, 2018
December 1, 2018 at 17 o'clock, we invite you to the opening of the personal exhibition of Vasily Krotkov "Bronze Section". The exhibition is organized in the wonderful loft-space Space-U, which skillfully combines the old days (house of 1915) and the modern, cozy and comfortable space (architect Tatyana Ustinova).
The exhibition will feature more than 70 works, both new and previous works.
The opening of the exhibition will be held with a light buffet.
Pictures will be hung in the lounge, studio and Vertical space with professional lighting.
The exhibition will be played 2 paintings by the artist.
At the opening of the exhibition, on December 1, 2018, the picture will be played: The End of History, x / m, 80x70cm, 2016
At the closing of the exhibition, on December 15, 2018, the painting "Reflection No. 4", c / m, 80x70cm, 2018 will be played.
The drawing of the paintings will be held among the guests present, who will be given numbers at the entrance to the exhibition.
About the artist:
VASILY KROTKOV - born in 1959. He lives and works in Moscow. From childhood he loved to draw and was interested in painting, he graduated from art school, received a higher economic education and made a brilliant career. However, the fascination with painting forced to change life strategy.

"If you look at my work from a more philosophical point of view, you can try to explain it like this: laying out the universe on a plane and face, I try to find new meanings in familiar things, learn more about the environment than can be seen at first glance. In other words, I try to get to the bottom to the point, because first of all my work for me is an attempt to understand the world, dividing it into its component parts and, then, on a canvas, to assemble it, but in its own way.This activity turned out to be very exciting, and I don’t give up hope to share it with your viewers. " /AT. Krotkov /

Vasily Krotkov calls his style of painting Russian post-cubofuturism.
Cubofuturism is the trend in art of the 1910s, the most characteristic of the Russian avant-garde art of those years, which sought to unite the principles of cubism (decomposition of the subject into its constituent structures) and futurism (development of the subject in time).

At the opening and closing of the exhibition will be free entry.
On the remaining days, to visit the exhibition, it is necessary to coordinate the visit by phone +7 (916) 865-06-07 (Julia)