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Mao Xuhui

Exhibition November 18, 2018
Beijing Soka Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Mao Xuhui. In his paintings, the artist conveys his own view of the surrounding world: realizing the reflection of nature in a tiny man, he turns the pathos of life into a quiet whisper. Mao says in a hoarse voice: “I just love ...” - and these words contain everything in the world: love of home, love of art, love of life.

Mao Xuhui was born in 1956 in the Chinese province of Sichuan. In 1982, he graduated from the Yunnan Academy of Arts, became the leader of the Southwestern Pop Art Group in the mid-1980s. Like many of his contemporaries, the artist developed his own style through the repeated use of certain symbols and objects.

“Although each of my paintings offers a similar image or content, it also provides tremendous opportunities for expression,” says Mao Xuhui, who was greatly influenced by expressionism. “I don’t think I’ve exhausted this idea, or I’d be looking for a change,” he continues. “Once you give a new meaning that is not inherent in chairs and scissors, you will have to take responsibility for it.” You have to make your meanings clear - sometimes more than one or two pictures, or more than a couple of words. It takes time to complete the process. ”