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Philip Riefenstahl "Fashion war"

Exhibition 13 − March 30, 2017
The festival “Fashion and style in photography - 2017”.
Parallel program

Color photo 13.03.2017 – 30.04.2017

So, the war is a permanent phenomenon? Is it because the style of "military" is permanently present in fashion? Invading in civilian clothes after the First world war out of necessity and becoming provocative, as a protest against wars in General in the 60s, army style, and then became one of the main fashion trends on the catwalks of the most famous fashion designer. Clothes in military style now worn simply because of the convenience and fashion. In turn, the army also developed clothing by famous fashion designers.

What is the modern real army clothing – the founder of the military style and as in the real world it is the military people? Project author Philip Riefenstahl with a camera in hand was accompanied by a military unit during training maneuvers in order to directly experience the "way of war", to feel and to capture the military action in close to reality conditions. The exhibition will feature 12 color photos.

Irina Filatova, the curator of the gallery "fine Art" Details on the website: www.galleryfin…tal-filipp
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