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I am Kai and Wu Shaoxiang. Chinese dream

Exhibition September 24 − December 15, 2018
In the gallery Alisan Fine Arts, an exhibition of Ya Kai and U Shaosyan "Chinese dream". After experiencing a cultural revolution at a young age, both artists moved abroad to develop their artistic careers.

In their abstract, often chaotic landscapes, the Chinese-American artist I Kai expresses a look at the interaction between East and West, the relationship between people and crowds, civilization and technology. Sino-Austrian sculptor W. Shaoxiang uses forms and symbols to transmit social messages through forms filled with humor and social commentary, especially in relation to mass consumerism. Artists are trying to synthesize provincial China with an industrialized and globalized world that inspires the “Chinese dream” of the current generation.

I was born in 1955, Kai studied at the Institute of Arts of the Chinese Army in Beijing, and received a bachelor's degree in fine arts in traditional Chinese painting. Then he emigrated to the United States in 1985. During the past twenty years, the art of Ya Kai has shifted to abstract and colorful works that reflect the influence of American culture. The exhibition presents works that were first shown at the High University of Claremont in the United States, and then in 53 art museums in Guangzhou. The uncertainty between figures, landscape and thoughts is depicted in the world of schemes, emphasizing the connection between people and technological networks.

Wu Shaoxiang was born in China in 1957, in 1982 he graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. In 1986, he received a master's degree in sculpture from the Central Academy of Art and Design in Beijing and was awarded the first scholarship in the field of art and design. His early works were influenced by both Western and Chinese elements. He emigrated to Austria in 1989, where he continued to mix East and West in his works, trying to convey social messages, exploring consumerism and globalization.