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Exhibition November 29 − December 3, 2018

Oleg Sokolov and Nikolai Lukin. Constellation

Gallery Dymchuk holds the fourth exhibition of the series "Constellations / Constellations". Within its framework, the works of Odessa artists of different generations - Oleg Sokolov and Nikolai Lukin."Constellation" - This is a series of exhibitions in which the artistic practices of two generations are compared: representatives of the “Odessa non-conformism” of the 60-80s and modern Odessa artists.

Oleg Sokolov stands out against the background of Odessa nonconformists. Already in the 50s, he experimented with the image, poetry, synesthesia in graphics and painting, and witty text, which later became so interesting for the conceptualists of the 80s. Sokolov was fond of op-art, Japanese engraving, abstraction, created graphic cycles devoted to the perception of music. In the 50s - 60s, he created erotic series and subtle modernist graphics. Now experts call him the forerunner of the “second Odessa avant-garde,” referring to the non-conformist movement, originating from the famous 1967 Sychik + Khruschyk exhibition.

Nikolai Lukin, the son of the artist Boris Lukin, the namesake of numerous Lukin artists from Odessa, complements the second part of the exhibition. The works of Lukin, usually bright and colorful, this time in a restrained monochrome manner. Two works of 2017 from the series "Carousel" are devoted to fashion trends of the beginning of the twentieth century - photos with their counterparts. Requiem on the Moon demonstrates the presence of a light source even in the most bitter place, and the work of Judas, the seller of songbirds is connected with the mystical works of Sokolov by his poetic symbolism.