"The ABC of Happiness"

Exhibition November 10 − December 9, 2018
While November is coming to Petersburg, there is beautiful weather in the foothills of the Caucasus. Until late autumn, nature blooms, people bathe in the still warm sea, and artists write it all from nature. From this life, which is hard to believe in the November Petersburg, the artist Valery Videtskikh sends us his regards. The Southerner, who returned to his native places after a long work in the restoration workshops of the Hermitage, is pleased to write everything that nature offers him in abundance. Blooming fields, mountains, the Azov and Black Seas - according to the artist, these are ideal conditions for an open-air.
Videtskikh writes and talks about the sea with the same tenderness. Windiness, complex colors of the coast and changeable clouds appear on his paintings from time to time, accompanied by field bouquets and rickety fishing houses. Silvery sheep of the Azov Sea or sheer Crimean rocks - Valery feels at home on any coast. From November 10 to December 9, join the artist on his unhurried walk and find out what makes up the “Alphabet of Happiness”.
Galleries at the exhibition