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Exhibition 14 − December 16, 2018

IX Moscow International Exhibition "Art of the Doll"

The main exhibition of author dolls in the world is still an exciting intrigue of the year - collectors, artists, lovers of beauty, journalists and art historians are looking forward to the announcement of major projects and exhibitors "The Art of the Doll-2018". The exhibition will traditionally be held in the prestigious exhibition hall of the capital from 14 to 16 December.
This year, the organizers again show the best dolls of the world from Antarctica to Japan, from ancient times to the cosmic future, from miniatures to giants of human height. The only thing that will not be on the show is boring and not interesting! No wonder thousands of artists from different countries have been preparing their new collections for the final puppet event of 2018 for a whole year!
This year, the organizers have prepared 20 special projects and hundreds of author exhibitions with Teddy dolls and bears. Viewers will see:
- “Dolls from boudoir Marlene Dietrich”: famous boudoir dolls of world cinema stars - Marlene Dietrich, Clara Bow, Josephine Baker;
- “Found in Antarctica”: Oleg Katorgin’s dolls in the Found in Antarctica project of the Moscow Exhibition Halls association: painting, graphics, objects, wooden sculpture, mail art, animation, documentary films;
- “Mother of Pearl Dolls”: a collection of vintage Japanese dolls, statuettes, kimonos from the collection of Yuri Podkopayev and a doll in the most ancient kimekomi technique from Alla Belyaeva;
- “Dolls based on Bruegel's paintings”: the project “A Doll in a Landscape Against Eternity Background” based on the works of artists of the Northern Renaissance will be presented by the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the Elena Gromova Gallery and the Studio Studio “Puppet Collection”;
- “19th century dolls”: antique dolls from the private collection of collector Natalia Kurochkina - porcelain beauties, prototypes and great-grandmothers of modern classical art doll, museum-level rarities in the Christmas atmosphere of the exhibition;
- “Children's Dream Dolls”: German industrial collectible dolls and limited edition toys - new items, rare molds, the most popular “dream dolls” for girls from all over the world;
- “We meet in Venice!”: Carnival, masks, secrets and riddles of doll life among the canals and palaces of the doges in the project of the School of Puppet Design;
- “Amazon Dolls”: in the project “Ulger. Authors dolls of the Namdakov family. The female images of the ancient culture and civilization of Asia are beautiful horse riders riding horses and fantastic unicorns, graceful young girls frozen in dance or playing musical instruments, amazon pulling on a string of a bow, proud ruler sitting on a throne.
For several decades, doll artists all over the world have been striving to make their art, which emerged at the junction of several types of art at the beginning of the 20th century, recognized and legitimate, equal and as popular as ancient painting, sculpture, jeweler, and design. The dream of professional recognition is realized at the exhibition “The Art of the Doll”. “Our project shows the art of the doll as the most modern art, with millennial roots, but living here and now. Artists speak with the audience in the new language of the doll, which is a little more than a hundred years old, but the letters of this language are old, like the world, and traditional: composition, plasticity, color, harmony, talent and beauty ” - tells the chief editor of the magazine “Puppet Master”, one of the organizers of the exhibition Olga Lakhina.
Once a year people gather at the “Art of the Doll” for whom this understanding of their creative life component is close and consonant, the atmosphere of the exhibition gives a feeling of sincere mutual understanding and solidarity in creative impulses. To collect such artists from all over the world in the capital of Russia is the talent and genius of the organizers, thanks to which the dreams of artists and spectators come true.

Traditionally, artists from 26 countries of the world come to the exhibition, and this is a unique opportunity to see all the best in the center of Moscow - in the historical building of the architectural monument of Gostiny Dvor.
The viewers of the exhibition will have the opportunity to buy dolls and Teddy collectible bears, teaching literature, materials for creating dolls and bears, accessories, gifts for the Christmas tree and under the Christmas tree, be photographed with unique dolls that will fall into private collections after the exhibition and disappear forever from the public eye. .
The exhibition is addressed to a wide range of spectators, families with children of different ages, with the exception of one project “Naked Collection”, which will be marked in the exhibition space as “18+”.