wild nature

Exhibition November 1, 2018 − February 3, 2019
The Schirn Gallery in Frankfurt devoted an extensivethematic exhibition a new round of enthusiasm for the modern world of wildlife. The exhibition features more than a hundred important and impressive works from 34 artists from around the world. Among them - Max Ernst, Georgia O'Keefe, Gerhard Richter, Henri Rousseau and others.

The exhibition brings together paintings, photographs, graphics, video and audio, sculptures and installations that track the connection between wildlife and art - from modernism to modernity. Through these works, a cultural concept is considered, which serves as a projection surface for antithypes and dreams outside a self-affirming civilization. In the present era, the utopia of the natural state without culture and human influence seems outdated. However, the study of traditional images of wildlife and fantasies about it seems more alive than ever before.