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Exhibition January 18 − April 1
Leiko Ikemura. Our planet, earth and stars
The Tokyo National Center for the Arts hosts a solo exhibition by world-renowned artist Leiko Ikemura "Our planet, earth and stars". The exposition consists of 210 works in 16 installations. After forty years of artistic quest Ikemura turned to large landscape paintings. An example of Ikemura’s ambiguous vision is its integrated landscapes inhabited by young girls, spirits, little fantastic hybrid creatures, people and animals.

Modern Japanese painter and sculptor Leiko Ikemura was born in 1951 in Mie Prefecture. She graduated from the University of Osaka, where she studied Spanish literature. In 1972 she left for Spain to continue her studies in Salamanca and Granada. In parallel, engaged in sculpture. In the 70s she studied painting at the Seville Academy. She later moved to Switzerland, and in 1983 received an invitation from the Nuremberg authorities to work as a city artist. In 1985, Cologne moved. She participated in numerous international exhibitions together with such artists as M. Kippenberger, Z. Polke, R. Trokel, and others. Since 1991 Ikemura is a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.
2018, 60×110 cm
2018, 53×43 cm
Все работы на выставке