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Exhibition April 11 − July 31
Edvard Munch Love and fear
The British Museum lifts the veil over the life of radical father of expressionism Edvard Munch, revealing the largest exposition in the UK of his engravings over the past 45 years.

Exhibition“Edvard Munch. Love and Fear will collect 83 pieces from public and private collections. The “stars” of the exposition will be two lithographs from Oslo - “Vampire II” and the erotic “Madonna”, which at one time caused outrage due to the image of sperm and fetus. Another central engraving, created by the most famous painting by Munch "Scream", was provided by a Norwegian collector.
1905, 40.3×54 cm
1902, 60.5×44.5 cm
1895, 52.5×40.3 cm
1895, 38.7×55.5 cm
All artworks at the exhibition