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Today the names of such artists as Elena Luksh-Makovskaya, Helene Funke and Erica Giovanna Klien are little known, but they have made a significant contribution to Viennese modernism and artistic trends that have emerged after the First World War. Paying tribute to their memory, creativity and achievements, the Lower Belvedere in Vienna holds a long overdue retrospective. "City of Women".

The exhibition expands the view of Viennese modernism and focuses on those women who actively helped shape the art scene in the early twentieth century. At that time, women were denied art education and membership in associations of artists, and, consequently, the opportunity to exhibit their work. Despite this, some managed to build a successful career. They found learning opportunities and developed strategies for market promotion. By creating their own associations of artists, they were able to become active on the art scene. Despite the fact that in recent years the work of some of these artists has been researched and assembled into retrospectives, the importance of their work is still underestimated.

The exhibition includes new works, some of which are presented for the first time. Outstanding artists of their time left traces in such movements, such as atmospheric impressionism, secessionism, expressionism, kinetism and new objectivity.
Все работы на выставке