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Art fiction

Exhibition January 26 − February 24, 2019
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Odessa hosts an exhibition of the Art Fiction project, created by the MIR group, which includes Odessa artists Sergey Anufriev and Igor Gusev. The project brings together artists who explore different realities in different ways and express the possibilities of our imagination and fantasy in the language of art.

Art Fiction works with the problems of imagination and asserts the status of a virtual, fictional reality that has a greater degree of freedom than “objective reality”. Here, art acts as a navigator in the subconscious, where the image becomes exaggerated: history becomes a myth, events become archetypes, the artist becomes a stalker, and the work becomes a guide to those parts of the subconscious where the tourism infrastructure is not yet established.

Project participants: Sergey Anufriev, Igor Gusev, Alexander Dremov, Gleb Katchuk, Olga Kashimbekova, Denis Koshtura, MIR group, Dmitry Nuchin, Ruslan Perekucha, Alexander Roitburd, Alexey Rudoy.