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Exhibition December 4, 2018 − January 26, 2020
Jose Carlos Martinat: American Echo Camera
Peres Museum of Art presents an installation exhibition “Jose Carlos Martinat: American Echo Camera”.

The exhibit was an installation created by Martinat in 2018 specifically for the museum, which responds to the strengthening and strengthening of ideas in the modern social and political environment. This large-scale work consists of mechanical light sculptures that together create a dramatic and interesting space for visual consumption.

The sculptures are inspired by the symbols of both American and Peruvian cultures: from historical images, such as the political caricature “Join or die,” attributed to the founding father of Benjamin Franklin, to popular Internet memes. These symbols often consist of images related to violence, manipulation, racism, or migration. Creating a space that enhances the consumption of these symbols, Martinat compares the modern political scene with an echo camera.

Based on the materials of the official site Perez Art Museum.