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Exhibition February 28 − May 19
Boi. Scenes of Parisian life
Working in politically troubled Paris, Louis-Leopold Bauy (1761 - 1845) witnessed the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon and the restoration of the French monarchy.

At the exhibition“Boyi. Scenes of Parisian life " his bold and playful reaction to the changing political situation and the art market is shown. The exposition includes both scandalously seductive scenes in the interior, due to which the artist had problems with the authorities, as well as everyday street scenes and funny trompley (optical illusions).

The National Gallery in London focused on the 20 works that are stored in the British private collection, which have not previously been exhibited or published. They are complemented by the portrait “Girl in the Window”, made in the technique of grisaille and stored in this museum. This is the first of its kind in the UK exhibition dedicated to the artist, a little-known in the country.
Start XIX centuries, 55.2×45.7 cm
1790-th , 45.5×37.5 cm
1832, 31.9×40.4 cm
1832, 60.3×106.5 cm
All artworks at the exhibition