Vladimir Byzov. Promised environment

Exhibition 14 − February 24, 2019
In the halls of the Central House of Artists in Kiev, an exhibition of Vladimir Byzov "Promised Wednesday". Exposed pictorial canvases cover approximately one and a half decades of the author's creative journey. He works in large series of works, trying to comprehend the eternal artistic themes: Space, Time, History, Solid, Water.

Vladimir Byzov was born in 1946 in Kiev. He graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute, faculty of book graphics. From 1989 to 2006, he lived and worked in Germany. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 2013, he changed direction and created a series of abstract works. Participant of exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. In addition to painting, he created a series of stone sculptures. Long time working in the style of hyper-realism.