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Damien Hirst

Exhibition March 31 − June 1, 2017
In The Gallery Of Gary Tatintsyan (Gary Tatintsian Gallery), an exhibition of works by one of the most famous and richest artists of our time — the British Damien Hirst. The Moscow public — the famous "pharmaceutical series", stained glass, lined with the wings of butterflies, and of course, skull — characters, the mystery, preserved thanks to its non-verbal mystical force.

The founder and leader of the movement Young British Artists in the 90-ies of the last century gave the world a new generation of celebrated British artists, Hirst has put his name in the history of world art, presenting his works in the world's leading museums and art institutions.

The Central part of the exhibition — work "Window of Roses" (Rose Window), created on canvas with the metallic paint using a butterfly. The fragility and the bright colors of the wings of hundreds of butterflies formed the basis for round the ornamental mosaic with a diameter of three meters, which accurately reproduces the medieval window-outlet Durham Cathedral.

What else is presented at the personal exhibition of Damien Hirst in Moscow, you will learn from our illustrated publishing. Photo: Courtesy of Gary Tatintsian Gallery