Konstantin Somov. From Museum and private collections

Exhibition March 24 − May 14, 2017
In St. Petersburg The picture March 24, 2017 opened a major exhibition of works by Konstantin Somov (1869-1939) is one of the most brilliant artists of the Silver age, co-founder of the Association "World of art". Viewers will see more than eighty paintings and graphic works of the artist, a porcelain composition made according to his sketches and book illustrations from museums and private collections.

An extensive collection of works of the artist in the exhibition, which was prepared during the year, will complement a unique, previously unseen to the General public photo archive, the Picture provided by the artist's family.

One of the most famous works of the Luba became erotic illustrations to courtly book "Book of the Marquise". In this collection, which belongs to the Austrian essayist and critic Franz Bleat, collected anthology of French erotic literature of the 18th century: Voltaire, Casanova, Chenier, Boys — only about fifty authors. Illustrations for "the book of the Marquise" Bley ordered Konstantin Somov. The first time the book was published in German in the publishing house "Hans Von Veber" in 1907, later reprinted several times — in particular, in 1918 in St. Petersburg. The exhibition in the school of public are three versions of "Book of the Marquise" by Konstantin Somov's illustrations.

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