Kingdom Of Flora

Exhibition March 10 − May 31, 2017
The Khanenko Museum celebrates the coming of spring with captivating exhibition "Kingdom of Flora": gifts of beautiful goddess here can be seen through the prism of time, in a variety of types and genres of art. Special attention to works that were previously inaccessible to the audience, including the sculptural work of the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt "Ophelia".

The exposition will include several exciting "Prime": after a long restoration works the first time brought to the exhibition in an updated form. Thus, among the new exhibits is a portrait of Suzanne de Lorrain in the way of Flora, and a delightful little masterpiece of the Italian Baroque floral still life Bartolomeo Bimbi. Both pictures still have never been demonstrated — neither in the permanent exhibition or exhibitions.

A detailed story Archive about this exhibition, read the material "The Khanenko Museum invites people of Kiev to "Kingdom of Flora".

Illustrations - exhibits of the exhibition "Kingdom of Flora", the source of the Khanenko Museum.