"Pissarro in Eragny"

Exhibition March 16 − July 19, 2017
The Paris Museum in the Luxembourg gardens provided an unusual the exhibition "Pissarro in Eragny". She devoted the last two decades of the artist's life. The least studied period of his work illustrate the family archives, as well as about a hundred paintings, drawings and prints. Still retrospectives Pissarro was dedicated to his urban landscapes, portraits and collaborations with other artists. The project "Pissarro in Eragny" focuses not only on creativity, but also the political views of famous masters.

In the exhibition you can see not only full-motion landscapes farm rustic emphasized, in contrast to the colorful luxury Giverny — which Pissarro wrote at all times of the year. Then there are the many portraits created in the Studio, as well as pastoral surroundings Eragny. A significant part of the exhibition dedicated to graphic works of the same period, the dazzling watercolors and engravings, as radical as the works of Gauguin.

In addition, Camille Pissarro invented a new form of creative and family cooperation, culminating in the establishment of the Eragny Press with his son Lucien. This small publisher based in Eragny and working in London, released favorite literary works of the family with illustrations and colourful covers.

Interested in the exhibition "Pissarro in Eragny"? Go, and if you can't read the description of the event in our material.