From Rubens to Makart. Princely collection, Liechtenstein

Exhibition February 15 − June 10, 2019
The Albertina Gallery presents an extensive collection of the most outstanding works from the Liechtenstein Princely Collection. The exhibition was named "From Rubens to Makart".

More than a hundred of the most important paintings and sculptures from the exquisite collection of the family of princes of Liechtenstein span vast periods from the early Italian Renaissance to the Baroque period, from the Vienna Biedermeier to the academicism of the Hans Makart era.

Signed works, such as The Bust of Marcus Aurelius Antico, which was acquired for the Princely collection more recently, life-sized bronze sculptures of Adrian de Vries and the famous Venus in Front of a Mirror by Peter Paul Rubens, became the center of the exhibition, which is a journey through five centuries art history.

In parallel, there is a demonstration of the Viennese watercolor called "Rudolf von Alt and his time".