Titian and Renaissance in Venice

Exhibition February 13 − May 26, 2019
Shtedelevsky Art Institute presents the exhibition"Titian and Renaissance in Venice" - a panorama of the best examples of the Renaissance painting in the City on the water, the artists of which developed an independent direction, relying on the influence of light and color. The exposition is based on more than twenty works of one Titian, this is the most extensive collection of his works ever presented in Germany.

In total, the show combines more than a hundred masterpieces. Among them are paintings and drawings by Giovanni Bellini, Jacopo Palma the Elder, Sebastiano del Piombo, Lorenzo Lotto, Jacopo Tintoretto, Jacopo Bassano, Paolo Veronese and others. These works provide exhaustive information about the artistic and thematic breadth of the Renaissance in Venice and explain why the artists of the next centuries turned again and again to the art of this time.

The exhibition introduces some aspects of Venetian cinquecento painting in eight sections. In addition to Venetian works from the Shtedelev Institute collection, including Titian's Portrait of a Young Man (ca. 1510), viewers are presented with magnificent masterpieces borrowed from more than sixty museums in Germany and abroad. 2 / 13–5 / 26/2019