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Botticelli: heroines + heroes

Exhibition February 14 − May 19, 2019
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum presents an exhibition "Botticelli: heroines + heroes"which unites for the first time two of Botticelli’s most revolutionary paintings: "The History of Lucretia" (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum) and "The History of Virginia" (Carrara Academy, Bergamo).

The legendary artist Sandro Botticelli turned ancient stories about lust, betrayal and violence into parables of the Renaissance.

Key paintings of the exhibition tell the stories of two women who have lived a wonderful, virtuous, but tragic life. Lucretia's suicide led to the creation of Rome as a republic, and the death of Virginia restored it.

The exhibition also emphasizes the leading role of Botticelli as an innovator in the new genre of painting: a trellis. Tapestry (Spalliera) comes from the Italian word "spalla", which means "shoulder" - a genre of narrative painting, designed so that it can be seen at shoulder height and hang on the wall.

In addition to Lucretia’s History and Virginia’s History, visitors will see four more paintings, two Botticelli drawings and several archival materials provided by the Carrara Academy, Bergamo, National GalleryLondon Metropolitan Museum, Uffizi Gallery, Museum of Fitzwilliam, Cambridge.

In order to include a modern perspective, the contemporary artist and graphic novelist Karl Stevens was asked to create cartoons and drawings in response to each picture he exhibited. Stevens’s drawings coexist with Botticelli’s drawings and draw parallels between the Renaissance and the modern style to evoke a modern audience.

Based on the materials of the official site Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and bcheights.com.

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