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Exhibition January 25 − April 28
Waterloo Claude Monet Bridge: Vision and Process
Worcester Art Museum presents an exhibition “Waterloo Claude Monet Bridge: Vision and Process”.

The exhibition brings together nine star versions of the famous series of paintings by Claude Monet, depicting London's Waterloo Bridge. These works, among which there is also a painting from the Worcester Museum's own collection, show Monet’s focus on color, light and density.

Monet’s later paintings often relied on the concept of seriality, sometimes resulting in dozens of variations of the same subject. His series “Waterloo Bridge” represents the ensemble, which together expresses the main qualities that Monet gives to the misty landscape of the River Thames.

The exhibition gives viewers a rare opportunity to see an exceptional group of paintings by Monet, made possible by loans from the North American museum collections, and carefully study the artistic process of the work of the Impressionists.

Based on the materials of the official site Worcester Art Museum.
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