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Treasures Of Nukus. From the collection of the State Museum of arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan

Exhibition April 7 − May 10, 2017
April 7, 2017 in the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin begins work the exhibition "treasures of the Nukus" that includes more than 250 works of fine and decorative art collections of the State Museum of arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The Creator of the Museum in Nukus Igor Savitsky (1915-1984), an artist, a collector of paintings, drawings and objects of applied art, aims to show the Genesis of easel art in Uzbekistan after the revolution. His efforts began to develop a collection of orientalist art, called "Turkestan avant-garde".

The exhibition in the Pushkin Museum will exhibit the work of masters Association "Jack of diamonds" by Robert Falk, Vasily Rozhdestvensky, Alexander Kuprin; the representatives of the "Turkestan avant – garde" - Alexander Volkov, Ural tansykbayev, Nikolai Karakhan, Aleksandr Nikolaev (Usto Mumin), Victor Ufimtseva, who sought to develop their own special artistic language to convey pathos constructive change in Central Asia. Especially for the exhibition in Moscow for the first time will leave Nukus picture Vasily Lysenko "Bull", which became a symbol of the Museum.

Complement the theme of a "lost generation" work of the finest painter Mikhail Sokolov; primitive work of Euphrosyne Ermilova-platovo; a pupil of Pavel Filonov - Alice Smacks; participants of group "13".

Will be presented to the archaeological exhibits which were found during the excavations in Khorezm – one of the oldest civilizational and cultural centers on the territory of Uzbekistan. The exposition is supplemented by some archaeological sites, stored in the State Museum of Oriental art in Moscow, also found in Khorezm.

Illustration to the material - Pushkin Museum. Pushkin:
Victor Ufimtsev. To the train. 1927
Alex Podkovyrov. Blue evening in the mountains. A self-portrait. 1935
Ural Of Tansykbaev. Portrait of the Uzbek. 1934
Nikolai Karakhan. The way to work. 1934
Alex (Alessio) Isupov. Oriental cafe. 1914-1921.
Vasily Lysenko. Bull.