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Anniversary exhibition of Vitaly Verhnekamskogo

Exhibition 15 − May 20, 2017
May 15 in the lobby of the Central House of the architect will open anniversary exhibition of the member of the Union of Moscow architects Vitaly Verhnekamskogo.

Vitaly Vsevolodovich was born in 1937, in 1961м graduated from the Moscow architectural Institute. Since 1973 - member of the Union of Moscow architects. Since 1979 — member of the creative Union of artists of Russia. Until 1980 ode vernikovsky worked as an architect, from 1980 to 1992 worked as a teacher at children art school in Moscow in the disciplines: introduction to the architecture, composition, drawing and painting.

Since 1985, Vitaly vernikovsky led the art Studio "20 to 50", which he himself organized. In 1992 he moved from Moscow in the village of luchky Vladimir region, where he organized together with his wife (Olga Soboleva) children's art Studio "Vladimir rays", working and present. Both studios were created at the expense of artists, donations from friends, former students and caring people. Children are engaged in the Studio for free.

The exhibition will be presented paintings of the jubilee and the works of his disciples.