"Portraits A.S. Pushkin. To the 220th anniversary of the poet

Exhibition February 10 − May 19, 2019
State Museum. A.S. Pushkin, together with the All-Russian Museum of A.S. Pushkin (Petersburg), holds the largest inter-museum iconographic exhibition“Well, as a first love, Russia’s heart will not forget you. Portraits A.S. Pushkin to the 220th anniversary of the poet. "

For the first time, more than 300 portrait images of Pushkin will be collected in a single exposition - in painting, drawing, sculpture, art, decorative and applied and souvenir items from collections of more than 20 leading museums and art galleries in Russia.

The exhibition opens the anniversary year - the 220th anniversary of the birth of the great poet.

The chronological framework of the exhibition covers almost 220-year period: from the first in vivo, the only (!) Child portrait of A.S. Pushkin to portrait works performed by our contemporaries in recent years.

The heart of the exhibition will be the most valuable paintings and graphic sheets of lifetime and posthumous portraits of the poet.

Of particular interest are the lifetime images of the poet. The spectators will see the originals of the famous paintings by Tropinin, Bryullov, Sokolov, Chernetsov and other contemporary artists of Pushkin; his first sculptural images and graphic images that appeared in print publications of the time.

These lifetime portraits give us today invaluable information about the true external image of Pushkin and how his contemporaries perceived the poet.