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About the exhibition
At the "Retrospective" Belkis Ayon presented 47 graphic works that cover the artist's work from 1984 to her untimely death in 1999. Aion developed the foundational narrative of an Afro-Cuban brotherhood consisting of all men, called the “Secret Society of Abakua”, to create an independent and powerful visual iconography. The artist is highly valued for her signature collography technique, and her deliberately strict palette of fine black, white and gray adds drama and mystery to her works, many of which were created on a large scale.

“The workshops of kollografy Aion gave the legend of Abakua, which was transmitted orally, a powerful iconography, which had not existed before. But it must be said that her intention was not perpetuating the myth, but rather its violation. Her interpretation of the myth requires a keen, active and critical participation of the viewer, ”says exhibition curator Christina Vives.
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