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French impressionism

Exhibition March 2 − April 2, 2019
Center for Digital Art ArtplayMedia holds a multimedia exhibition "French Impressionism".

Thanks to modern technology, visitors will be able to see the masterpieces of Monet, Degas, Renoir, Rousseau, Gauguin, Klimt, Van Gogh and other representatives of Parisian bohemia, who have forever changed the face of modern art in the smallest detail.

Visitors will see the Paris of the XIX century and dozens of famous paintings: portraits, landscapes, nude female nature, flying dancers and blooming irises.

The bold and innovative works of artists, their special style of brush strokes surprisingly convey their impressions of every moment of life.

The manner of the Impressionists of the period presented, their ability to paint on the canvas the space filled with air, the states of movement and rest, light and shadow do not cease to admire in our days.

And two centuries later, modern technology will allow visitors to feel inside the famous canvases.

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