Handsome man. Russian mod mid XVIII – early XX century

Exhibition March 15 − July 28, 2017
In the State historical Museum new exhibition season opened with the show "Handsome man. Russian mod mid XVIII – early XX century"dedicated to the history of men's fashion and men's panache phenomenon in Russia.

The audience presents more than 600 objects from the collections of the State historical Museum, the State Pushkin Museum, State historical library, the Russian state library and the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation (Vilnius). Among the exhibits are examples of male dress, jewelry and fashion accessories, care products appearance; paintings, prints, photographs, cartoons, magazines and books. Many of the objects presented at the exhibition are shown to the public for the first time. The rich artistic material gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent paintings, luxurious costumes and objects of decorative art.

The exhibition presents three of the most brilliant period in the history of men's fashion of Imperial Russia. The first period refers to the middle – second half of XVIII century. It was at this time in a courtly environment appear fashionable European model, or as they were called, perimetry. The second period falls on the first third of the XIX century and is associated with the penetration into Russia of the fashion style of the British dandy. The third period refers to the first two decades of the twentieth century, and is held with one hand under the sign of mass culture, and on the other refined aesthetics of decadence.

Illustrations: page of GIM in the social network Facebook. Photo: Dmitry Schelokov.