"The second tour of David Burliuk" in Odessa

Exhibition April 18 − May 30, 2017

In The Museum of Odessa modern art there will be an exhibition devoted to the work of the "father of Russian futurism" David Burliuk (1882-1967). The exhibition displays more than 50 works of the artist from private collections, mostly works of the 40-ies and 50-ies of XX century, as well as rare works of the early twentieth century archival materials. Exhibition dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birthday of the master, which will be celebrated in July 2017.

"...Little more than a hundred years ago, on 15 Jan 1914 in Odessa with a sinking were waiting for scandal: on tour came the legendary futurists David Burliuk, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vasily Kamensky. Five days of performances by talented, young and so brave poets like Odessa to the public, so the scandal came out. Time passed, and 5 years David Burliuk, who created the tour, and Russian futurism, traveled alone and in the company of his friends poets and artists of almost all decaying Russia, leaving behind pockets of new art.

In 1920 the artist Burliuk Japan conquered (among other things, along with Victor Palm – in the future one of the most famous Ukrainian avant-garde artists) and created a there another futuristic hearth, and in 1922 was in the United States, where he spent the remaining 45 years, becoming quite successful and respectable artist, creating a recognizable and somewhat naive of the world.

All my life émigré David Burliuk wanted to return Home, or at least freely to visit her. However, Soviet culture, he was not needed. And only in the late twentieth century saw a return Burliuk.

The second tour of a famous artist in the Museum of Odessa modern art will be held, I think, again, without scandal. Welcome!"

The initiators of the exhibition known Odessa researcher, collector and philanthropist Eugene Demenok and gallery "Euro-Art" ( Rivne), Director of the Museum of Odessa modern art Simon Kantor.
Another emphasis of the event - presentation of the album of the artist: 70 works of different years (1910-1967 g) and articles about him Eugene Demenko and another famous author, researcher Dmitry Gorbachev.

See also: materials Eugene Demenko in Archive: "Odessa traces of Burlyuks"and"Brothers Soyery. American classics" (portraits of the works executed by Raphael and Moses Sawyer will be presented in the exhibition).

In this announcement are excerpts from the press release of the event. Illustration: poster of the exhibition, the work of "Odessa" by D. Burliuk, a memorial plaque installed on the house in Odessa, where the artist lived, and drawing - a portrait of David Burliuk's authorship of Moses Sawyer. Also are the photos from the Vernissage (Archiv)