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Exhibition September 21, 2019 − January 19
Our city: a retrospective by Edith Neff
Edith Neff was recognized as the leading realist artist of her time for her dynamic compositions, the sophisticated use of color and the ability to depict drama in everyday life. She researched issues of race, gender and identity, exploring the social and cultural structure of Philadelphia. Working from the photos she took herself, Neff took self-portraits, as well as photos of her family, work colleagues, friends, neighbors and students. The city itself was central to its work: its public buildings, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, schools and beaches were frequent places.

"Our city" will be the first large-scale exhibition of works by Neff over the past two decades.
1987, 160×147.3 cm
1976, 134.6×177.8 cm
1965, 160×142.2 cm
All artworks at the exhibition