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Exhibition March 19 − August 18
Three bird and its passengers
AZ Museum presents an exhibition "The bird-three and its passengers".

The new project combines the graphic works of Anatoly Zverev, the etchings of the classic of European modernism Mark Shagal and the sculptural object of one of the leading masters of modernity, Vadim Kosmachyov.

The creative search for such different artists of the twentieth century converge at one point - at some point, the source of their inspiration was the "Dead Souls" of Nikolai Gogol. Each of them felt the need to plunge into the boundless world of Gogol's poem and see in it images that are consonant with their style and time.

Anatoly Zverev (1931-1986) illustrated Gogol his whole life. Circumstances did not allow the artist to create a full and complete cycle. However, the works that have been collected today (except for the AZ Museum collection, the project presents works from the Russian State Archive of Art Literature (RGALI), as well as private collections), speak of a witty and original idea. Many of them are exhibited for the first time.

Equally interesting is the fate of etchings. Marc Chagall (1887-1985). In 1923, the French patron and publisher turned to the artist with a proposal to create a collector's edition based on a literary work. Chagall's choice fell on the work of Gogol.
Within two years, the artist creates 96 etchings depicting characters and scenes of the poem Dead Souls. The circulation with the artist's sheets was scored in 1927, but for a long time the book remained in oblivion. It was only in 1948 that the work was finally published and received the Grand Prix at the International Biennale in Venice.

For the exhibition “Bird-troika and its passengers” the works of the world-famous artist were presented by collector Boris Fridman. According to his confession, this will be perhaps the first museum exhibition at which Chagall's etchings will be shown to viewers in such a large scale outside the print edition.

The third participant in the dialogue about Gogol's "Dead Souls", Vadim Kosmachev, represents a completely new, specially created for this project product.

The author belongs to a cohort of prominent Russian artists who in the 1960s and 1970s became the forerunners of the “Soviet Renaissance” - the era of free creators and bold artistic searches.

Working at the junction of genres and forms - sculpture, installation, technical experiment - he deservedly gained the fame of a current European artist, whose dialogue with the Russian avant-garde and innovative experiments with dynamic forms are recognized as one of the most important phenomena in the art of the 20th-21st centuries.

At the exhibition, Vadim Kosmachev will present his version of the “bird-three”.

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