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The exhibition Matisse/diebenkorn in San Francisco

Exhibition March 11 − May 29, 2017
The Museum of modern art San Franciscomake available to its visitors an exhibition of two prominent artists of the twentieth century, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993).
The exhibition includes 100 extraordinary paintings and drawings, 40 of them belong to the brush of Matisse and, respectively, 60 made Dibenkorna.
This is the first large exhibition revealing the relationship between the two artists in the theme, style, color and technique.
It is known that Richard diebenkorn drew inspiration in the works of Henri Matisse, admired his work, pursued a deep study of his works. For many years he searched for the Matisse paintings in the museums of the East coast (at that time he was a marine, stationed in Virginia) and was visited by touring exhibitions of Matisse in Los Angeles in 1952 and 1966. In 1964 for cultural exchange, he visited the extensive collection of Matisse in the Soviet Union.
Picture Dibenkorna cannot be called copies of Matisse, but the composition, color and details are drifting from one picture to another
The Exhibition Matisse/Diebenkornorganized jointly with the The Baltimore Museum of art.